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Yoga Teacher

You deserve to feel blissful and will be spoilt for choice with Rachel's offerings - 

All of the below appointment options range between 45 - 60 minutes and are a self-love investment of £33 


Whole Body Massage. 

A deeply relaxing massage using essential oils to suit your mood. Helps to reduce muscle tension, improve circulation and joint mobility, stimulate the lymphatic system & improve skin tone.

Upper Body Massage. 

This wonderful massage begins with you lying on your back where we start with spending plenty of time massaging the scalp, face, neck, shoulders & décolletage, before turning over to finish with a relaxing back massage. Using essential oils to soothe the body, mind and soul.

Indian Head Massage.

This revitalising and clarifying treatment has so many benefits, such as promoting hair health and growth, relieving insomnia, migraines & fatigue, renewing energy levels & boosting your memory capabilities. This is a seated treatment working on the scalp, hair, face, neck, shoulders and back.

image_6487327 (1).JPG

Hopi Ear Candles with Lymphatic Drainage Massage. 

This ancient Indian practice, also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy, is primarily used to relieve conditions in the ear, nose and throat. Not only is it beneficial for the upper respiratory tract but also for the circulatory and lymphatic system – making it a whole body treatment. Hopi Candles can help with blocked ears, water in the ear, sinus issues, tension headaches, hay fever and much more. It rebalances energy flow in the body, stimulates lymphatic drainage and revitalises the body.

*Please note – a consultation card will be required to be filled out thoroughly before each treatment to identify any contra-indications. Please feel free to contact with Rachel about any health issue prior to your appointment on 07715379449 .


Pause operates on a 48 hour cancelation policy, after this time your bookings will not be refunded, unless we have people on the waiting list that can attend. 

Suggestive dress is comfortable clothing

No perfumes please. 

There is plenty of parking at our location 

The studio is in the front middle doors and up the stairs 

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