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5 reasons why tracking the Moon can change your life

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

If the moon controls the tides and we are up to 75% water - then it’s safe to say the Moon impacts us all.

The awareness of the moon is becoming more and more popular, so if you’re not already following her, here are five reasons out of 100’s that show why tracking Grandmother Moon can support you-

1. Emotional well-being

Unlike the sun, which rises and sets, the moon moves in phases. Shifting its astrological sign every 2 days. During its 28-day cycle, it has moved from complete darkness into complete light.

Following the Moon and recognizing that we too can go through phases brings an acceptance and a deeper level of compassion for ourselves, towards our emotions, triggers and reactions.

2. Breaking a habit

The New Moon is the most powerful time of the Luna cycle. Bringing potential for manifestation and spell work, but if you’re not quite at that witchy level, then with intention and attention, this is the phase to break a habit – whether that’s less drinking, ending a relationship or committing to something new – this is the phase that aligns your energy with your chances of success.

3. Time Management

The Moon cycle starts in the darkness, slowly building into its fullest potential before slowly descending back to darkness. Tracking your energy levels with the Moons will awaken an internal compass so that you can understand and predict when your energy will be low and when it will be high – which is a game changer for any Women in Business and for those that suffer from overwhelm.

4. Menopause

Where attention goes, energy flows, so when we start tracking the Moon and understand each energetic phase, we begin to align our energies with it. Even though you no longer bleed, you still have a cyclical nature, and the Moon can guide you in this new phase, bringing you back to balance and love.

5. Menstrual cycle

Your period is your life force energy, and your bleed is an insight into your overall wellbeing. Understanding your cycle, connecting with it and working with your energies is transformational. The Moon has phases that are energetical identical to your menstrual cycle – by understanding the Moon, you will understand yourself.

In my years of personal healing from Emotional Trauma & Endometriosis, which resulted in a hysterectomy, I have found great comfort in our Grandmother Moon, and I hope that this may inspire you to also learn about her magic and how this is mirrored within us all.

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Meet Sam,

Owner of Pause: Studio & School of Healing Arts in Nottinghamshire, England. Offering in-person & online classes, 1-1’s, certifications, courses, and global retreats.

Sam has a passion for introducing us back to our cyclical ways by guiding and connecting her students with their unique energy whilst empowering them with the tools and wisdom to live a life of love to their fullest potential.

Top 6 Skills / Expertise – Energy Healing, Sacred Sensuality, Emotional Agility, Conscious Communication, Mindfulness.

May you know Joy

May you know Love

May you know Peace

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